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Much has been said about the need to have good and dynamic managers who can understand their team as employees do not leave companies, they leave their managers!!!


We can help you select the right person for this critical role. Our Managerial skills profiler is a psychometric instrument that helps you profile an employee's skills pertaining to his or her ability to perform a managerial role. The test focuses on those interpersonal, intra personal and professional skills that are critical for success as a manager across industries, sectors, organizations and job profiles. Psychometric    profiling is done by trained and certified psychometricians.


MSP measures 12 key managerial skills including:

 I. Decision Making

II. Communication Skills

III. Stress Management

IV. Conflict Management

V. Change Management

VI. Problem Solving Skills

VII. People Management

VIII. Information Management

IX. Negotiation Skill

X. Delegation Skills

XI. Crisis Management

XII. Time Management


Managerial skills profiling: How does Managerial skills assessment help?

·         Helps in selecting right candidate for a managerial profile.

·         Profiles individual’s strength areas in the area of management.

·         Identifies training and development areas.

·         Talent maximization.

·         Complimentary tool for Assessment / Development Centers


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Category of Psychometric Test


1. Cognitive Ability Test

The Cog Test measures general cognitive ability to helps employers make a definitive decision while hiring and selecting the best person. Cognitive abilities focus on learning capabilities, memory capacity, problem - solving and attention. The tests measure an individual's ability to aggregate, organize and apply information in a given time frame.


The COG test aids in detecting goal - oriented behavior by assessing abilities such as the ability to plan, and execute a goal. These include: flexibility, anticipation, inhibition, problem -solving, decision making, etc.


This test helps an organization to assess candidate, strengths and weaknesses accurately .Sometimes interview may not provide a true picture of the candidates critical abilities. In such case, this test offers better insight into the candidate's profile.


The COG Test consists of 30 questions to be completed in a span of 21 minutes. It has 3 sections namely: language ability, numerical ability and abstract reasoning problems.


Three abilities measured in cognitive test are:


        I.   Language Ability:  Language proficiency is a business skill. In today's globally and culturally diverse business environment , one needs to understand  and make decisions based on the verbal or written information or pass such information to others to get the work done .


      II.   Numerical Ability:  Numerical reasoning is important as it helps to assess the candidate's ability to deal with numbers efficiently and how well one interprets numerical data.


    III. Non- verbal Reasoning: Non-Verbal reasoning helps assess logical reasoning. It measures the ability to understand and analyze visual information and solve problems using visual reasoning.



Did you know?

Cognitive ability tests predict future work performance and productivity.


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2. Assessment Packages

Pre Recruitment Battery (PRB)


Use our pre recruitment battery to guide your decisions in matching people to the jobs!

Our Pre-Placement Package helps to filter out the best candidates for your managerial positions.

It highlights which candidate is most suitable for which department.


3.  16 Personality Factors - 16PF

One of the most widely researched and extensively used psychometric tools; the 16PF assess your personality against 16 key traits. These can prove to be extremely useful in predicting job performance.


It also offers insights into five global factors:

I.  Extraversion

II.  Self-Control

III.  Tough Mindedness

IV.  Independence

V.  Anxiety


Psychometrics’ reports based on 16PF are comprehensive and insightful. Areas of strength and development, and action plan are also part of the report. This report, especially when accompanied by a one -to-one counseling session by psychometrics’ experienced team of psychologists, can be instrumental in creating insight and awareness and building sense of ownership individuals. 


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4. MBTI :  The Myers - Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Equally popular with lay people as well as the corporate world, the MBTI is a unique tool. Based on Jungian principles and concepts, it provides insight into one’s personality, motivations, natural strengths, and   Potential areas of growth.


A relatively  brief and concise tool , it yet has the ability  to throw light upon the way is which individuals process information , what their energy orientation is like , and how they relate to the outside world.


5.  Hospitality Career Acumen Finder (HCAF)

Looking to recruit right candidates for the hospitality sector?  Do it effortlessly, through our Hospitality Career Acumen Finder (HCAF)!


The hospitality industry is a dynamic and competitive one, where you are working constantly with people and processes. Thus, ensuring that people in these positions come with the right aptitudes, right approach, and a strong ethical foundation is critical.


The HCAF aims to assess exactly this, and helps you understand:

 I.  Aptitude for Hospitality

II.  Managerial Skills-Strengths and Gap Areas 

III.  Personality Profile


Some positions for which the HCAF proves useful:

·         Front Office Personnel

·         Marketing Managers

·         Receptionists  Customer

·         Relations Executives 

·         Housekeeping Staff

·         Ticketing  Staff

·         Food and Beverages Managers

·         Reservation Desk Staff

·         Banquet Managers

·         Travel Guides or Advisers


Our Test Battery Comprises of:

·         Aptitude Test (Numerical , Verbal, and Abstract Reasoning )

·         Managerial Skills Profiler (To assess various managerial skills )

·         Mind Frames : The personality Test (To assess personality characteristics)

·         Integrity Test


Beneficial for Recruitment and selection of professionals in:

·         Hotel Industry

·         Aviation

·         Travel and Tourism

·         Event Management

·         Cruise Liners


Applications of the tools:

·         Selection of right candidates across the hierarchy within the hospitality industry

·         Talent Identification

·         Training and Development Needs Identification

·         Identifying Gaps in Development in Current or Future Leaders

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